Hard Enamel:

Hard Enamel lapel pins are die struck from a brass or zinc metal plate. A die is created to custom design into the metal. The outline of the pin and any cut-outs are then cut with another tool. Enamel Colors are all filled in by hand. The pin is then baked and polished until a smooth Hard Enamel surface is created.

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Soft Enamel:

Soft enamel lapel pins, after being struck with the die, are filled with enamel paints. They're fired at low heat to seal the colors and provide a radiant appearance. Soft Enamel pins are the most common lapel pins produced because of their high product quality and lower cost than Hard Enamel pins.

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Specialty Pins:

Specialty pins take the full imagination of the customer into effect. Pins can have bobble heads, sliders, spinners, PVC (rubber), glitter enamel, danglers, lighted pins, pin on pins, printed litho on metal, domed pins, ringing bells, and many more.

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Photo Pins:

Photo pins are custom lapel pins that are exact images or “pictures” of the logo or design. Stock shapes of photo pins ship 3-7 days from art approval. Custom shape photo pins are 10 day production. Photo pins are great for custom needs to make exact replica of existing artwork that may have shading or gradients of colors that can not be color filled as a Hard Enamel or Soft Enamel pin.

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Die Struck Pins:

Die struck lapel pins are great for the designs that call for an all-metal pin. The die struck process offers sharp detail, contrast and relief. Instead of using color, the raised areas are highly polished and the recessed areas have a sand-blasted and textured, matte or antiqued finish below the polished metal.

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Coins & Accessories:

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Every Order Receives:
  • FreePin Designs and Concepts
  • FreeArtwork with Unlimited Revisions
  • FreeShipping - Delivered via UPS or FedEx Air Service
  • FASTProduction-All Pins are Produced and Shipped Within 10 Days or Less
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back
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Custom Lapel Pins Are Excellent For...

  • Trade Show Events and Business Conventions
  • Product Launching, Openings, or Corporate Gatherings
  • Promoting Awareness and Raising Interests
  • Employee Recognition or Membership Identification
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Team Sport Events or any Pin Trading Events
  • Theme Parks, Fairs, Giveaways, or Prize Offerings
  • Fundraising and Award Ceremonies
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Showing School Pride, Military Associations, or Religious Gatherings
  • Air Shows, Rodeos, and Much Much More!